Online Testing: Phones and Kindles will not work as the screens are too small. For best results, a laptop should be used.

Special Instructions for Grade 2. If your child is reading about on grade level, please sign up for the Standardized Test. This will be offered only online. If your child has special needs or is reading below grade level, sign up for the Abbreviated Assessment. Abbreviated Assessments are available BOTH online and in-person.  

Who Should Take an Abbreviated Assessment? 
– students in 1st grade (However, testing is not required until a child turns 8.)
– students in grades 2-12 who are Reading significantly below grade level or are unable to sit through the 2 hour test. (There are 2 breaks during the test.)
– special needs students.
These are offered in person at each test location and are also offered online.

Parent Review: If you register for an in-person standardized test, on the afternoon of the test, we offer a parent review where parents are allowed to look at their child’s test and see what they got correct and what they missed. There is no review for online standardized tests.

Pay Online or with a check. FEE: $47 per test. However, if paying by April 10, pay $42 per test. (If you are testing more than 4 children, contact us). You may pay securely online via PayPal.

Please Note: Registration is not complete until payment is received. 

Order a SAT Practice Test for students in grades 2-4! These are strongly recommended for Grades 2 and 3. These are very short with only a few questions for each subtest. They are meant to familiarize the student with the types of questions that are on the test and give them experience with a fill-in-the-bubble answer sheet. Each Practice Test costs $5.00 These are for standardized tests, NOT for Abbreviated Assessments. The Practice Test will be emailed to you. If you do not have email, contact us.  

Refund Policy: Full refund (less $5 handling) up to 7 days prior to test date.  After the deadline, you may transfer registration to another test