$295 per person


We are experienced in the administration and interpretation of IQ tests.  We use the Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT), a four-subtest individual IQ test.  The four subtests which comprise this test are ones which highly correlate with overall intellectual ability.

The WRIT results are reported in three scores: a General IQ, an overall IQ score, but then breaks this score down into two component parts: a Verbal Intelligence score and a Visual Intelligence score.  The Verbal IQ is a measure of verbal ability and, as such, is dependent on educational, cultural and language factors. In contrast, the Visual Intelligence is a measure of nonverbal ability, and thus, is less influenced by language factors.

The norms for this test are well stratified, allowing meaningful discrepancies to be assessed.  These norms also allow meaningful results for all ages, young children through adults.

  • Takes only about 30 minutes to administer
  • Is highly correlated with other IQ tests which take 3 – 4 times longer to administer
  • Can be administered to anyone aged 4 to 85 years of age
  • Gives three IQ scores:
    Overall IQ – which is then broken down into Verbal IQ and Visual IQ