$47 per test

-for children in Grade 3 add $5 per test
-for children in Grades 4 – 12 add $15 per test

However, if paying by April 10: Pay $42

does not include an additional cost for 3rd through 12th grade


The Abbreviated Assessment (AA) is a “kid-friendly” testing option for young children and children with special testing needs that meets the state testing requirement.

The children are tested in a small group of 2-6 children during a 30 – 45 minute appointment. For many of the children this will be their first “test.” The children are tested individually for Reading, while Spelling and Math are tested in small, closely monitored groups. The entire testing experience has been carefully designed so each child will be successful and not work at a level that is frustrating. Because there is such a small group, it is easy to watch the children work and determine when they should stop working on spelling words and math problems. This assessment is not timed like standardized tests.

Our experience with these small groups is that the children have a good time and are introduced to “tests” in a positive atmosphere.

Please contact us you have any other questions.



  • Q: What Kind of Report is Given?
    A: The Assessment Report is put in an envelope and the child brings it to the parent after the test. The reports contain Grade Level scores for the skill areas of Reading, Spelling, and Math.  The report also contains checklist of skills to work on for each area tested and an analysis of the child’s handwriting.
  • Q: When Are AA’s Administered?
    A: AA’s are usually administered on a standardized test date.