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The purpose of the Baseline Assessment is to identify the skill levels of children (aged 6 – 17) whose parents are BEGINNING to homeschool. These tests can be used to assist the parent with instructional planning.

Children are tested in small groups during a 30 – 45 minute appointment in the core skill areas of Reading, Writing, and Math. The purpose of each test is to determine:

1) the grade level at which the child is performing
2) identify any gaps in the child’s skill development
3) identify skills the child should work on.

For a young child, Writing includes handwriting and spelling; for an older child, Writing includes evaluation of composition, as well as handwriting and spelling. The testing experience is designed to be at a level where each child will be successful and not at a level that will be frustrating for them.

The parent is not present in the room during the evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What Kind of Report is Given?
    A: The child brings the assessment report to the parent after the test. The report contains Grade Level scores for the skill areas of Reading, Writing, and Math.  The report also contains a checklist of skills the child should work on for each area tested.
  • Q: When Are Baseline Assessments Administered?
    A: Baseline Assessments are usually administered on the afternoon of a standardized test date or on the afternoon prior to a Great Expectations class.


$44 per test
(for children in Grades 4-12 add $15 per test)

If paying by April 10:

$39 per test (1st Child)
$34 per test (1st Sibling)
$32 per test (2nd & subsequent siblings)

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